About Mook


Mook is the project of Sheffield singer-songwriter Jill Farrar, which blossomed back in the Spring of 2002 over a creatively inspired few months. During this period Jill wrote & recorded a load of songs at home on her PC, which were to become her debut album Everything that you are; a record inspired by the conflictual nature of human relationships.


The name Mook comes from a character Jill was writing about in a children’s story who she grew quite fond of, but which she later abandoned in favour of pursuing her own story through her music.  Since the fictional Mook had never really got off the ground, Jill decided to use the name to release her songs.


A second LP The Human Race followed soon after the first. Its title alludes to the sense of urgency of striving to fulfil your dreams before time runs out.  The feelings encaptured in the songs are those essential to the human experience i.e. love & loss, hopes & fears, life & death.


Jill plays all the instruments on the record herself & often writes the songs as she records them.

“I never know how they’re going to turn out," she says. "But that’s half the fun…I like to surprise myself!”